Your Dog’s Best Friend (Manasvi Chudasama, Pune)

The Current Family: Joe, Lily, and Joanna (from L to R)

Based out of Pune, Manasvi, a psychology student turned dog trainer,  has built a reputation for being the best second-family for dogs in the city. It is definitely one thing to love dogs, but it is very different when you fend for them, give them a home, train them, and make a sustainable living out of it. The most critical quality required to pursue something like this is an ability to empathize with all things living and this makes Manasvi an amazing human being too. She runs a dog hostel in Pune, Joella’s Dog Care, and also trains dogs. She has hosted more than 300 dogs until date. We at Twisted Shanti were excited to have a short conversation with Manasvi and learn a lot more about her and canine behavior in general. 

What is the story behind Joella’s Dog Care? How did it start: Joella’s Dog Care was conceptualized in Nov’13, while I was learning how to train dogs, from my guru, Mr Shailesh Omkar. Back then, he pushed me to take this initiative, as a lot of his clients, in and around Pune, were looking for a loving home for their dogs, while they were away on vacations. Because of the kind of service we provide, we were blessed with a huge response over the past 4 years, and shifting to a bigger house enabled us to be able to accommodate more dogs. Our only purpose is to provide a safe and clean home, full of love and warmth for the dogs who come to stay with us.

What you are doing is very off-beat. It requires a lot of courage and inspiration to do something like this. Was there any particular driving force behind this choice:  I have been very fortunate when it comes to establishing a bond with canines. Growing up with dogs (Coco, Tommy, Ella, Joe, Lily, and Joanna) was a big factor. So its  no surprise that the name of my hostel comes from the names of two of my dogs. In addition, I was the luckiest to have a very well experienced guru who believed in inculcating a positive approach to training in me, along with the ‘never give up’ attitude. In the past 4 and a half years that I spent learning from him, I was able to witness him as well as help him train over 300 dogs of various breeds and temperaments. And its even more amazing how I met him through Joe on a random walk in a park.  Over the course, he has been my greatest inspiration, and biggest supporter. I think that’s what sets me apart from everyone else. The fact that I had a guru, who was completely invested in me, and only me, to get better, in every aspect of understanding a dog. Besides, my friends and family have been super supportive too.

When Lily had pups
And when Joe had Pups

Now that you have trained dogs for quite some time, do you have any tips for beginners: When it comes to dogs, it is very important to think from their perspective, not yours. Put their needs and comfort first, and everything else falls in place. In addition, EXERCISE YOUR DOGS WELL. This is the only thing that most families seem to over look, and it is the most important thing for a dog’s physical and mental well-being.

Three of your favorite breeds: a) Labradors: because they truly are the ideal family dogs. b) Rottweilers: they are exactly like Labradors, but with a very sharp protective instinct, which they know how to keep under control. c) French bulldogs: because they are tiny, but adoringly bossy. They are the dream breed for a lazy parent, and love cuddling up in bed. Their adamancy to not abide by rules, and the skill to manipulate the strictest hearts, just adds to their character. Ok forget all this. I think French bulldogs are my super favorites.

A hypothetical question, if you wanted to venture into training any other specie, what would it be and why: I think, if I wasn’t taking care of dogs or training them, i would be training monkeys. They are cute looking but savage AF. I love how they have very little tolerance for bothersome people. My aunt was once slapped by a monkey, when she tried to force feed him, since then, I look up to them.

With the Siberian Huskies

Where do you see yourself 5 years from now: Five years from now, I see myself bringing about a change in the way the dog industry works in India. Sensitizing business owners as well as dog families towards the importance of thinking from the perspective of the dogs physical and mental well-being, because it is a win-win situation for everyone involved. On a personal level, someday I would buy a 100 acres of farm land, in a hilly area, fence it up well, and make it a Disney land of sorts for boarding dogs, with huge swimming pools, vast gardens for them to run in, and cozy bedrooms for all the dogs.

Small things that make you happy: I am at my happiest when I see dogs running in green fields. the happiness on their faces when the experience such freedom, and the kind of trust they put in me after that, is unmatched. People who smile with all their heart, make me happy too.

Quotes that you stand by: Everything you wish for, will come true. Might take time, but it will.

Face your fears with the goal in mind, and you will never loose.


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