Rings of Fairy (Bernala Tal, Uttarakhand)

Rings of Fairy

If the concept of rings of fairy was not restricted to mushrooms, i can swear this was one. The trees were in a perfect circle with a rock in the exact center and there was an air of occult mysticism around this place. Folklore suggests that its definitely a bad idea to enter a fairy-ring or a witch ring. However, fairies and pixies may try to lure you in to have some fun of their own. People often lose a track of time when they are inside and find it very difficult to exit. And no matter how hard we try to destroy a fairy ring they always grow back. So next time you plan to investigate one make sure you do so on a full moon night and please circle the ring nine times before entering.

Where: Bernala Tal, near Barsu, Uttarakhand. You get a marvelous view of Srikhanth peak from Barsu.  This is en route to Dayara Bugayal.

Why you should visit: Bernala Tal is a lake located near, Barsu, a very small settlement that is immensely peaceful. Stay is very comfortable in Barsu and there are number of options with the most hospitable staff. It is also the starting point to treks to Bernala Tal and Dayara Bugayal. In local language, “Tal” refers to lake, while “Bugayal” refers to meadow.

Things to do: Dayara Bugyal Trek, Chill, Birding, Stargazing, Forest Treks.

Best time to visit: August to October if you want greenery and December to February if you want snow.

Accessible from: Rishikesh which is 6 hours from Delhi. Then another 4 hours to Uttarkashi, followed by the final line of travel to Barsu.

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