Mandi se Aage (Prashar Temple, Himachal Pradesh)

Prashar Building

Although easy accessible from Delhi, the view from near Prashar temple offers the magnificence of the mighty Himalayas. The temple lies besides a lake, the origin of which is often connected with the Mahabharata, and the atmosphere is alluring, be it in the winters or the summers. The lake has been named after Rishi Prashar who meditated on a floating island on the lake.  The island keeps changing its position and to add to the mystery, the depth of the lake has never been measured. Locals speak of it being bottomless. 

Why you should visit: Being very near Delhi, it is an ideal weekend getaway with a perfect view of the Himalayas. In fact, one can see the Pir Panjal range towards the North, the distant, yet  mammoth, Dhauladhar range in the West and the beautiful Kinnaur peaks in the East. The feeling of being at the center of Himachal Pradesh and seeing all the ranges at once is an inexplicable experience and teaches a lesson or two in humility.

Things to do: Visit the temple made in honor of Rishi Prashar, Hike around the hillocks, Immerse yourself in Nature, Stargaze, Trek to Tunga Mata temple (takes around 4 to 5 hours), Chill.

Best time to visit: Anytime of the year.

Accessible from: 49 kms from Mandi, a town eight hours from Delhi.

Prashar 3

Something extra: To get to the temple and the lake, there are two options: road that goes almost till the lake, and a 7.5 kms uphill trek that goes through beautiful forests. Which one will you choose?

Sunrise Prashar


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