Go for Flamingos (Mumbai, Maharashtra)


This simple picture has multiple elements in it. The factories in the backdrop represent the complexities of ‪‎life while the ‪‎powerful tree represents how important it is to stay rooted. I guess, you cant really see, but there are hundreds of ‪‎flamingos in the frame, representing all the small things that can help you ‪‎stay rooted.  I connect even more to this frame because it tells me how staying rooted to who you really are allows you to move far ahead of the complexities that are sometimes thrown into your life. 

Where: Sewri Flamingo Point, Mumbai

Why you should visit: A large number of migratory flamingos visit Mumbai every year and this is one of the best places to see them. There are a number of other water birds too. Besides, undoubtedly one of the better and peaceful sun rises from within city limits.

Things to do: Birding, Watch the sunrise.

Best time to visit: November to February

Accessible from: Its a 20 minute drive from Dadar.


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