Art is to Know Yourself (Vanessa Kristin Fernandez, Mumbai)

Together we can BE the realms of consciousness.... Awakened and radiating the only thing that matters- LOVE
Together we can BE the realms of consciousness…. Awakened and radiating the only thing that matters- LOVE

Vanessa currently works as a visualizer in a communications and advertising company, but firmly believes that people are not meant to do only one thing. She is passionate about spreading higher vibrational frequencies in any way that she can: be it through music, art, deep conversations, crystals or travel. Art to her is a means to spread the magic that exists all around us but is sometimes forgotten or ignored. When we asked her, “Why art?,” she just smiled and replied, “ I didn’t chose art, art chose me.” We got a chance to ask her a few more questions and were happy to receive some of the most genuine answers ever.

How do you approach a new piece: I usually don’t really plan an art piece. I just suddenly feel an intense frequency flowing through me and everything around, like it’s all one. Every time this happens, I get this strong urge to put out my thoughts, vibes, emotions and realizations, either on paper or digitally; so that it can be shared. To be honest I rarely think about the final product: It turns itself into whatever it has to be or wants to be. Our thoughts manifest in such crazy ways, it is sometimes very important to let them be what they want to be.

Describe your art style: I guess psychedelic, visionary and ritualistic art appeal to me the most (or my fingers). They help me put out the best of what I’ve learned in this world and the things more important like love, kindness and patience with yourself and others. But more than anything, I do what I do because a single art piece helps heal me much more than it does to anyone else. So much of me changes from when I start working on a new piece to when it is finished.

A tip for aspiring artists: Be who you are amigos. Art is not something that you have to practice to become better at. If you are into it, you already are really good!!! It’s not about waiting to get there or becoming big. You already are THE ONLY YOU and that’s exactly what the world needs. You just have to get it from your mind to the canvas (whatever your canvas may be).

Quotes that you stand by:  “The Universe has shaken you to awaken you” – Mastin Kipp

“Those who don’t believe in magic will never see it” – Roald Dahl

Few places that have moved you: Tosh in Himachal Pradesh, Vattakanal in Tamil Nadu and Goa.

Some of her killer work follows. Besides you can find more of her work on Instagram @Tree_hugger.111 and Paintcollar

"When you feel it, and surrender to let it flow through you, all that is left is magic"
When you feel it, and surrender to let it flow through you, all that is left is magic
The only way out, is IN
The only way out, is IN

2 thoughts on “Art is to Know Yourself (Vanessa Kristin Fernandez, Mumbai)

  • June 3, 2016 at 2:02 am

    Love the beautiful artwork. Passion for her work,
    her positive attitude shines through the answers. When you are enthralled by your path it becomes a calling not a chore.
    Suggestion though that you change your font on the article to a darker colour please, as the bottom half of the content is very hard to decipher from the background.
    Thanking you & Kind Regards

    • June 3, 2016 at 1:42 pm

      Thank you for your feedback. Her art is indeed beautiful and we were fortunate that she shared some of her work with us. And also thank you for your suggestion, we will work on it. Namaste 🙂


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