About Us

Shanti, a Sanskrit word for  peace, rest, calmness, tranquility, or bliss. We will take you to the state of mental Shanti through the power of Nature and Art from India, while simultaneously igniting your passion. We share information related to travel, music and art, and food from across India in order to influence people to indulge in these passions a little more and consequently enable them to open up new possibilities in each of these spheres. It is right fully said, “Deep inside every passion lies a hidden world, ubiquitous to its practitioners, and unknown to the rest.” Twisted Shanti seeks to dissolve the walls of anonymity and help build deeper connections between people with varied interests and passions.

India being a country of diversity be it geographical, cultural or socio-economical makes it the best playground to build connections. Here, on this website,   the posts are arranged according to the 29 different states in the country. We aim to bring out the uniqueness and beauty of each state and encourage people to expand their knowledge with respect to their ‘purpose/passion in life’.