From Woodshrikes to Small Hikes (Karnala Bird Sanctuary, Mumbai)

Karnala Abandoned

Surety makes life a lot easier. However, there is something about uncertainty too. It is the element on which imagination is based. Its possible for people to copy professions, personalities, lifestyles, etc, but nobody can copy someone’s imagination. To each his own: From life to light, from dark to bright, making every individual special. Imagining what must have happened at this spot over its 600 years of existence can actually hit you in the feels, and make uncertainty more beautiful than surety. 

Where: Karnala Bird Sanctuary, Mumbai.

Why you should visit: Its one of the easily accessible getaways from Mumbai and a day trip is a good idea, especially in the monsoons. Besides birding, you can also plan to trek all the way up to the top to Karnala fort. The view is brilliant with glimpses of Matheran.

Things to do: Birding, Karnala Fort Trek.

Best time to visit: Definitely in the monsoons.

Accessible from: Karnala is a 90 minute drive from Dadar.

Black Drongo

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